Case study

20% Challenge proposed ground-source heat for hot water and underfloor heating , with LED lighting to replace halogen, to make this holiday cottage carbon positive.

How to save 20%?

"Build Sustainability into your business - it pays to do so".

It's relatively cheap and straightforward to reduce your energy costs by 10%, but needs knowledge, investment and effort to achieve savings of 20-50%.

You can't manage what you don't measure! So let 20% Challenge help you manage your energy and water use, managing and reducing consumption.

We know what will help, but 20% Challenge can help dispel myths and greenwash.

Many 100-year old technologies have served us well, being cheap to produce, but now relatively expensive to run e.g. gas cookers, tungsten filament light bulbs.

Technology is ever-improving the low-energy alternatives, but the market moves slowly.
Get ahead of the curve and invest in a low-consumption future. It's a win-win!

Examples of how to save 20%

  • close doors and windows when heating
  • eliminate draughts
  • automate lighting switch-on and off where not in constant use
  • install 'new'  technology (e.g. LED lighting, EC fans, heat pumps, induction cooking)