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For all Wok Users

It's time to review gas hobs for wok kitchens. You'll save £thousands per year by converting to Induction Wok cooking.


20 Percent Challenge aims for a Return On Investment of 1-1.5 years, and earns fees from a precentage of measurable savings.

For some business sectors, there is grant money available to SMEs via Business Link SW and IYRE, where they will match carbon-reducing capital investment, up to £40,000 for your growing organisation.

20% Challenge can show you how much you could gain, as well as help you apply for grant assistance.

How we can help your capital investment

20% Challenge will:

  • estimate your current carbon production
  • propose low-energy replacement equipment
  • give examples of what grant to expect
  • complete grant application on your behalf
  • assist with the grant fulfillment

A grant to help you purchase equipment that'll save you money is too-good an opportunity to miss.