Retail Case Study


By replacing shop window filament spot bulbs with LED equivalents, this shop will save over £650 per year. Bulb replacement, due to traffic vibration, is a thing of the past.

How we do it

Challenge us to reduce your energy costs.

Take advantage of our free, no-commitment, profiling service to find out what savings you can make.

In this time of austerity and rising costs, it makes sense to invest to reduce your raw material and input costs, by reducing your use and waste, thereby future-proofing your business.

You can achieve significant savings within one month. It's a no-brainer!

With a five-point plan, we offer to:

  • perform free energy profile of your business
  • establish high-level utility management strategy
  • no/low/high cost improvements to save money
  • assist with grant and loan applications
  • educate your users via awareness campaigns and workshops
  • annually review your Sustainability goals progress